Digitization and dematerialization

Digitization and dematerialization prototype fabrics and clothing

This PPS aims to create new products, processes or services, innovative and technologically advanced, driving the entire value chain of T&C industries to areas with scientific and technological skills in the sense of Digitization and Dematerialization.

The aim is to develop solutions applied to textile dematerialisation (textile samples, modeling and prototyping of technical clothing) through the use of technologies and information tools.

Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format, making it easier to access, share, and store data. It concerns the processes of integrating value chains of products or services in real time through digital platforms, as well as the use of tools such as cloudcomputing, mobility, analytics (big data) and social networks.

Industry 4.0 involves computerization of machines and automation using robotics as well as intelligent measuring and data analysis to improve efficiency, profitability and safety. These automation technologies will be driven by advanced sensors, big-data technologies and intelligent machine applications that will acquire, analyze, manage and produce feedback to the user in real time.

In this context, developments focusing on the innovative application of Information and Communication Technologies (TICs) are included in accordance with two main strategic orientations:

1. dematerialization of samples and sample plants, through an algorithm capable of learning from the history of textile data, and able to predict and optimize variables / parameters useful for decision-making processes in textile production;

2. dematerialized modeling (motion capture) of sports clothing (performance) through studies of the sportsman and sportswoman biomechanics, relating with the properties of the textiles to be selected for each zone of the clothing articles to be developed (comfort mapping) and for the validation of the sensors to include in the suits, as well as to choose the places where they will be integrated.


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